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    I have latley been seeing a few topics about best pop up stoppers, and they have fallen off the board since but i was just reading a couple and it seems no oneever mention MK surfer available Here
    Ems free surfer 2, is the free one. I had tried a bunch that were worse then the problem, and this one stops ones that my 100 (well if i bought it) fireall will not stop. I have not seen a pop up, even on porn sites in about a year, and get all the ones that i should.

    Sorry if someone has recommended this before, and know that most of us alreaddy have our favorites just wanted to share this little gem of a program.

    Edit - sorry for the double guys - my connection plus the board was f'in around.

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    i like adshield (i think) its intergrated to IE and works pretty good (it needs a crack)


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