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Thread: My Plexwriter Problem

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    I have a little problem. My PC slows down and becomes almost unresponsive when burning a CD, any form of burning. Every time i have to change the piority to low and that doesnt do much in helping me.

    The drive is a slave, my master is a normal 56 X CDROM

    My pc is 1.5 gz, 512 SD RAM, Plexwriter 24/10/40A, Windows Xp Pro and Nero 6. Let me know if you neede more stats.

    Thanks in advance

    LoZ - M

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    welcome to the boards n00b
    anyways close things when u burn, like aim,kazaa, stuff like that

    and it that doesnt work might be time to get another burner (they only last 2-3 yrs)

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    Cheers, what would everyone reccomend, Plexor or Lite-on and what would the cost roughly be?

    Thanks for the advice


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    LG $25 to $50

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    did it always slow your computer down? or when did u first notice it?
    & yeah LG make good cheap drives

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    Is DMA enabled?


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