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Thread: Writeing style

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    How do people change their fonts when useing the internet in general when posting here and writing into a shoutbox i know i select it here and now but how can i change it in my computer so it will write the font i want all the time for example if i were to write an address into the address bar to get onto a web page it is allways the same?

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    on something.
    TBH, I don't know if that's doable, never saw the need for it.

    I guess it's possible to create a script that searches for, and if it's there, goes for the post-box every time a page loads and enters the proper BB-code.

    But, why would you want to do it anyway? People who always use a particular non-standard font, or do their posts all in bold are usually 'tards or new at the forum-thing. Use fonts and whatever for emphasis, that's enough. Posts all in bold, for instance, are kinda' annoying to read anyways.

    Usually designs of these forum are (at least to some extent) based on design theories, eye-tracking and whatnot, at least when they are based on professional templates, and that includes using fonts made for easy reading as defaults.
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