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Thread: Recommendations for trackers specialising in sports

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    Looking for any recommendations re trackers that specialise (or have some) sports content - in particular world sporting events i.e. world tennis tournaments so not just football, basketball, NFL

    Invite only trackers, open signups or public...once I know which ones then I can figure out if I can get invites or not LOL.

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    try sport scene they are good for sport stuff things

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    here you have some: (many kinds) (extreme sports) (soccer)
    mmatracker (forums)

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    Thanks guys. Sport-scene open for signup but no tennis
    Sportbit invite only so I'll work on that.
    I was a member of extremebits for a while but after I'd seeded some climbing videos back for ages and not seen any content for ages, my account lapsed after a while.
    Will have a look at the others! Really missing the Demonoid gap-filler here as often people uploaded tennis onto that.

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    sport scene

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    There are basically no trackers for individual sports I'm afraid. There's one however which has lots of cycling along plenty of motorsport. HDBits have had few tennis matches in the past, but maybe public places are better choice for tennis...
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    Try Prosporttorrents,it's also good tracker for sports..

    It's all about community!

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    Sportbit features some tennis. Not so much, but right now there is a freeleech on:
    WTA 2007 Final Match in Madrid / Spain from Nov 11. 2007
    between Justine Henin (BEL) and Maria Sharapova (RUS).
    Unfortunately I have no invite at the moment

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions guys. Prosports had a great selection of tennis torrents but they all turned out to be external....wait for it....DEMONOID!! and no longer working sigh...the search continues...

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