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Thread: FTN Giveaway

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    Winner has been contacted.
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    Giveaways on FTN are not allowed, read the rules again.

  3. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #3
    i want that invite pal.. i love ftn and i would give you all my other torrent site accounts for an ftn invite please give it to me

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    Mems's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +3
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    Jul 2007
    please mate can i get one

    i want it please i love communites like FTN good friends can found there

    i can keep the acc working , so can i get it mate ?
    Ratios Here

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    guilijan's Avatar From Patagonia BT Rep: +1
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    Jun 2007
    I wish it.
    Why? Well I have good ratios in Pisexy, TL, DVDC and BitMetv and can show it if you need.
    FTN is the top of trackers and ofcourse everybody want it.
    I need it? No I don't. I can live without it.
    I wish it? Yes of course I do.

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    That generous of your part I relate long time looking Ftn Very Nice Giveaway ThX

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    Kebert's Avatar Xela BT Rep: +13BT Rep +13BT Rep +13
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    I would feel blessed if I received the invite in this giveaway.

    For the past three years I have been an active member of many private bittorrent websites. Beginning with TorrentBits many years ago I learned that the files come second to the community. Rather than have a private site based on access to files, the basis should be on community. A share and share-a-like motto must be accepted if you feel that private bittorrent websites are communities. In the interest of sharing, one should share for the mere reason that they expect the same in return. A community based on sharing will live and prosper for many years.

    Since joining FileSharingTalk I have come full circle in my ideas about how things should really be. Many come here, as I did, with the hope of learning about new sites and then at some point being invited to the most elite. Working my way from TorrentBits to TorrentBytes to RevTT to SCT- has shown me several things. No longer do I enjoy sharing on larger sites. One site that has opened my eyes to this was Goem. It's tiny userbase has reconnected me to the feelings I once felt on TorrentBits.

    I remember back in the RB era great debates about whether the ratio system was broken. I have also seen many sites take into consideration the problems involved in a ratio system. It seems to me the position on ratio's taken by FTN is only a solution if a Utopia is present. A private bittorrent utopia based on respect and sharing.

    If you really have an invite to FTN and you adhere to the ideas expressed by many of the community, then I respectfully ask for your invite.

    Best, Kebert Xela

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    MaaxHimself's Avatar Borat Sagdiyev BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    I'm going to try my luck here also. This was taken from the request thread I started about FTN. Good luck everyone!


    I.The Introduction
    II. The Reasoning
    III.The Poem

    Alright, I think it's time to put in a request for the best tracker ever...FTN.

    Now before you post some negative comment or some crap like that, take the time and think of how that contributes to the point of this thread!

    I. The Introduction:

    Over the months I've been here at FST, I've made some good friends, and have tried my best to contribute to the forums as much as my time allowed me to.
    During that process, I have gotten a few trackers, including an invite to ScT.

    I have also stopped trading invites/accounts completely, as it only leads to banned accounts and scams!

    On to the request for FTN!

    II. The Reasoning:

    Why do I want FTN?
    Because I've heard that it has a great community, and thats one thing a site must have to be valuable in my book.

    The great selection of torrents and fastest pre-times out there also draws my attention to this particular tracker.

    Alright so now that I've given some reasons as to why I want to join, I want to finish the post with an FTN poem. (It worked for Amped!)

    III. The Poem:

    FTN, the king of all trackers,
    Only trusted members join, its not for the slackers,
    I hear its community is one of a kind,
    A variety of music, movies, and apps is what you will find.
    One day I will be lucky enough to join this great place,
    I will then consider to end my great tracker invite race.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and best of luck to everyone and their tracker quests.

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    Jul 2007
    It would be much appreciated. I want it for most the same reasons as any. Great site. Either way nice giveaway, good to see that even the best sites still get shared.

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    Jul 2007
    I want FTN because I think I can make it a better place. I am very active in all the communities I belong to. I have a seedbox not only to upload but also to increase other people's downloads by downloading at a fast speed. I have good ratios on all my trackers so your invite won't be going to waste. I don't cheat nor do I trade accounts. I am a mature person who is done with all the childish games. I would become an uploader to help bring great items to the site. I'm a very helpful person and would continue to do so. I wish good luck to everyone and hope that I am the one who you choose.

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