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Thread: Offering free BTMusic account :)

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    Hi FSTlers,
    I have a BTMusic account to give away.

    BTMusic is a lossless-only music-tracker with currently ~12500 torrents. If you're an audiophile you will like this tracker a lot because only proper lossless rips are allowed.
    Its rather hard to seed there and i get all i need from waffles&what so i thought i give this account to a nice FST member

    The account has rather bad ratio
    (Uploaded 4.xx GB )
    Downloaded 5.xx GB )

    Though it says " your share is fine".

    What i need from you in the first place: a proper request. I'm pretty sure you know what a proper request is and what is not (so no "need it plzzz!!!1" here). State why i should invite you and not an other member, be creative
    Ratio proofs/Speedtest are ok but by no means a requirement.
    Good Luck!

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    Hey i will be very happy if i can grab Pedros i just love FLAC and other lossy formats. PMed

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    oh i was looking for another chanse to have BTmusic
    if you are willing to pass the acc to me i will pm my proofs
    good luck if not for me then for the winner .

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    In Future!
    well... im looking btmusic for a long time.. and now is a good chance to get not so creative...only i know i wnat so much that invite or account!
    great great giveaway

    I wish to join FTN comunity!If you need help dont hezitate to contact me!


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    Thats nice of you!
    Choose wisely, I invited 2 different people from here, and both were disabled for inactivity after assuring me they were def. gunna use the accounts.
    Hate to see that account go to waste, so research posts for some flac lovers!
    Ron Paul: Hope for America


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