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Thread: Rapidshare.... new user

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    Hi, I have just purchased a premium rapidshare account having no experience using rapidshare (I have been using torrents) could someone help me get on my feet and get me downloading/uploading.

    I would like to know which programs people use to download the files, I have got rapget but it doesn’t seem to work for me... I enter my username/pass in the server bit and then enter the link(s) but they are unable to connect. What am I doing wrong?

    I have found a few sites with links etc on them but are there any private/invite only sites that have decent links and community? If so would I be able to get an invite to such a forum from anyone?



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    i use internet download manager and it maxes out my connection speed everytime. just go into the options and type in your username and password in internet download manager

    there is a firefox extension called "text link" which will let u load all those links u see in forums by a simple double click

    there is a post in a couple threads down that lists good forums for links. i suggest u try either of

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    thanks for that site Invader

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