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Thread: New User: Bitspyder, What, Waffles, Elbitz Giveaway

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    Hi, I am a new user of FST and instead of a simple introduction I will give away

    - 3 x Bitspyder
    - 3 x What
    - 1 x Waffles
    - 3 x Elbitz

    for free.

    Please post/send me ratio and upload proof for at least two "good" trackers if you are interested.


    As I can see, no one needs what and elbitz, but a lot of you want waffles and bitspyder. No problem, I add some waffles and bitspyder invites to my offer.

    Waffles goes to: diaspora, Woozle, ata2006 (as soon as invites are open again)

    qwaszx102: I will contact you as soon as I have more waffles invites to offer.

    Bitspyder goes to: MEDO 2008, as267, houssam, warid, ramola

    Winners: Please message me your email addresses, if you still need the invites.

    If someone still needs bitspyder or waffles and posts very good proof, I may add some more invites. Otherwise the giveaway is closed for those two trackers now.

    Update 2:

    additional bitspyder goes to: dvd4allll

    bitspyder invites sent to: dvd4allll, as267, MEDO2008 - have fun

    madmann2000 added to the waffles wait list. (to clarify: you and qwaszx102 will have to wait until I get more invites - this will happen every time I download 5GB / diaspora, Woozle and ata2006 will get them immediately when invites are open again)
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    ThAnk you!
    can I have Waffles please?

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    First one is from
    Second is from Sct please pick me i really need waffles

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    I'm also new in FST and haven't used any invite-only trackers until recently. But as you can see my ratio is pretty good in the best pron tracker and also the biggest greek tracker.

    I could use a waffle invite if you spare one...

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    May I have the waffles invite, please?


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    Oct 2007
    Welcome to FST newswalker
    you will like the ppl in here .
    hope you are happy in here

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    ratio proof #1:
    ratio proof #2:
    may i get the bitspyder invite please? thanks...

  9. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #9
    Can i have the one for waffles?

    Ratios from TB, TL, RevTT.

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  10. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #10
    These are my ratios for TorrentLeech, Torrent-Damage and Supertorrents. Can I have either waffles or bit-spyder please?
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