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Thread: A conundrum of sorts

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    I'm just wondering if a Donor, 70gb buffer, 4 invite (highleveltorrentsite) account is worth FTN? Too much? Too little? If you are wondering what highleveltorrensite is, you can always pm me.

    See, I'm thinking of a little Christmas giveaway (Think 8 crazy nights, 8 invites, but to where? Yeahhhh. And just imagine what would be the grand prize :x) but I'm also not above my own goals. I'm trying to figure out which one I should do, because on the one hand I'd love to do a give away of nothing but highleveltorrentsite and and Blackcats (if it opens invites up by then), but I'd also hate to do all that and have nothing to show for it.

    Honestly, I really want to get people WHO DESERVE TO BE IN HIGH LEVEL TRACKERS (not a lot of the random lucky people who got invites from friends) because there are some people who work their asses off keeping up ratios who might not have the seedboxes or whatnot and just haven't made that right friend. But my fear is that altruism isn't always rewared.

    What is I ta do? Thoughts? Comments? I'm just wondering what a lot of you would do in this situation.
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    I would make some cookies and call my granny


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