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Thread: Very messed up bugs in firefox!!!

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    Bug number 1: many links are unresponsive. I click, double click, qudruple click - nothing comes up. It seems like it has a mind of its own. I double click the link, and the see "waiting fot http:\\..." turn to "Done" on the bottom of firefox without any pages loaded. Something I also see "Stopped".

    Bug number 2: when I go to reply on a thread on this forum, somethings (mind of its own...) I cannot click/cut/paste anything in/onto the message box in the "Advanced Mode." I can, however, toggle the length of the message box with the up and down arrows on the top right hand corner.

    Since this has never happened to me before, I think it may be the plugins, although I cannot understand why.
    adblock plus
    addictive typing lessons
    all-in-one sidebar
    dictionary tooltip
    download statusbar
    extended cookie manager
    extended copy menu
    extended statusbar
    external ip
    forecastfox enhanced
    gmail manager
    ie view lite
    imdb preview
    Numpad Tpying Drills
    Paste and Go 2
    Tab Mix Plus
    wordlearner toolbar
    theme activated:
    thank you

    Oh, and I almost forgot, the grand-daddy of all glitches - some times the page only partially loads, and I'm stuck with only a header, or a page with no images, or, in context of this site, only the first few comments of a thread! refreshing the page usually solves it, though...
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    well thats aint happenin frequently maybe lesser ever than internet explorer ! do u setup the required plugins? main ones like java platform,adob flashplayer,Vm,realplayer,media player,quicktime ?? do u check the cash coz somtimes it gets an error and u have to flush it and re start cashin ur pages all over again
    well im using firefox and yes older version used to have many bugs but recently ones never or very few bugs

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    did you try firefox safe mode ?

    could be some messed up settings in your fasterfox addon


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