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Thread: Jv16 Powertools V1.4 Final

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    Looking for a kg, s*r**l or cr*ck for the new payware v1.4 final. Please pm me with any of the afore mentioned. TY. Edit: P*tch is out & it works. It's 27kB. Can you say andr? Do you know where the romans or greeks held their public discussions? Suggest combining the previous 2 answers. Hope this is circumspect enough for the parameters here. If not, my apologies.

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    Saw the following info a couple different places. JV has changed files size. The old 1.4 is 1,405,809 bytes and the new 1.4 is 1,417,299. The p*tch does not work on the new version. Actually, it is not a new version, jv is just changing his program because he is aware of the p*tch and is trying to stay ahead of it. So for those who can't get it to work look for the other.

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    Where can u donwnload that P*tch.

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    You do know that the words keygen, serial, crack and patch are not outlawed on the forum - Just the objects that use said words as their names aren't allowed to be traded publicly (i.e. in PM, not in board).

    You do know that, right?

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    I'm sitting there, wondering if the forum has now started actively censoring various additional words, when the same though occured to me... That perhaps the TOS should be made a bit clearer
    Anyway, you can find cracks, serials, hacks, warez, p0rn, and all other sorts of b*n*ed stuff on the networks, I use Shareaza mostly.


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