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Thread: Listen Error on Leaseweb Seedbox

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    I'm receiving a red icon Listen Error in uTorrent on my Leaseweb seedbox. I tried all the ports they offered me, 21, 80, etc. but they all won't change that icon to a green ok status. For anyone who's used Leaseweb, has this happened to you before and how can I fix this? Since I am administering this remotely my options are a bit limited.


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    u have to disable tcp/ip filtering

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    Thanks, but I have already tried to disable that and it still gives the red icon error in uTorrent. Is this a normal problem though for Leaseweb seedboxes? This is the first time I've used them.

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    Had the same problem. Found out that the port I was using already was being used by a other program.
    Just add some random port to the tcp/ip filtering, and get utorrent to use that. it should work.
    It did for me.


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