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    I tried doing a backup of my avi files to a cdr by using nero data format iso. After finishing copying it failed to play in window media player.No multisession and joliet unckecked only iso 9660. One coaster. Tried another time with iso and joliet checked. Another coaster. I can see the file in explorer and when I click it, the light on the cdrw just keep flashing. It seems like explorer trying very hard to read the file.Something is wrong with the burning.Original file can played without problem. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

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    If you want to burn a AVI straight up as datat just drag and drop it on to the CD. Never fails.

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    You mean I don't need nero just drag the file to the cdrom?It's a cdr How can it burn? Plaese explain clearer. I am really lost. Thanks

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    What version of windows are you using, i think that this can only be done on XP. I have never burned on a diffrent OS so I am not sure. Well if you have the software to do it, which should ne included with nero - is with roxio. Put the blank CD-R in the drive, go to my computer, double click on your burner. Now drage the file into that window. If you cannot do that open nero, and you want to burn it as a mixed mode CD (i think i am not sure though i do not use nero for that stuff)


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