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Thread: Building gamer rig on budget

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    As title says I'm looking to build a gamer rig on budget....and by budget I mean around $500..
    I did some research and figured I need a kick ass GPU followed by decent CPU.

    The only GPU that I can think of is xFx 8800GTs...

    CPU, most probably AMD 64x2 4200

    For motherboard, I would need something SLI ready, so in the future if I have to upgrade, I'll just buy 2 video cards.
    Biostar TForce TF570 SLI Motherboard looks like a good candidate:
    I like the dual RJ 45 ports option. Online gaming will improve..

    and finally DDR2 ram, at least 2gigs:

    I will be saving some money by re-using existing parts in my current PC such as the hard drive, keyboard/mouse and monitor.

    Total cost so far:
    GPU: $330
    CPU: ???
    RAM: $86

    Total: $416

    Any suggestions??? me out here!
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    Power supply?
    Operating system?
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    Get two 1gb sticks of some DDR2 667Mhz or 800Mhz as opposed to the single 2gb stick.
    Dual channel is a big improvement.
    Something like
    Great deal if you could manage to get the rebate in on time, and if not still a reasonable price.
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    hey you didn't include price of the motherboard in your cost summary...

    well, everything looks ok, if i had such an ammount of money avaible i would build domething similar, maybe only different mb cos i prefer abit or asus over biostar

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    No psu, hard drive, mobo, case. Got any of that??? and what about an OS?
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