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Thread: Microsoft Starts New Ban Wave on LIVE Against Modified Firmwares

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    Microsoft Starts New Ban Wave on LIVE Against Modified Firmwares
    >> We don't have a lot of information yet (it just started, but we try to warn you all as early as possible), but it looks like Microsoft started a new wave of bans against modified DVD firmwares or DVD+/-R DL discs.
    Several users on our forums and on IRC report their Xbox 360 has been banned from LIVE today. We get reports of Toshiba-Samsung and Hitachi-LG drives banned with both Xtreme and even the newer iXtreme firmwares. However we also see many reports of people who are currently on LIVE and have no been banned (yet). No reports of banned BenQ drives yet (but few of these drives have been flashed yet).
    We don't know yet if Microsoft is detecting the modified firmware or the discs (or maybe only with a specific game?).
    If you have the 'Z Code' 8015-190D it means you are banned. As always Microsoft bans the console serial from LIVE, not your LIVE account.
    If your console is banned or if you have been playing on LIVE today with modified FW without getting banned, report you findings in this thread (include at least your live status, full drive model (swapped drive?, spoofing?) and firmware version used).

    So until we have more info we HIGHLY suggest you don't log in to Xbox LIVE and don't play any games from DVD+/-R DL (even offline, incase MS flags something) if you have a flashed DVD drive.


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    To be safe though I'm gonna stay off it until C4EVA releases an updated iXtreme.


    It appears that modified fw is NOT being detected, and is instead once again due to 'bad' discs. Keep in mind that the only full proof way to make a 1:1 backup is to do it yourself. iXtreme is as fullproof as it can be, in that it validates everything it possibly can from a firmware point of view, but a game can have slight data change somewhere, most commonly in DMI. Or it can be due to early copies being watermarked so to speak.
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    This is my main fear about using modded x-boxes versus wiis. The beauty of the wii is that there is so little infrastructure there that they don't really care save for the random console update, and we've all seen how fast that gets fixed. I'd rather not have my entire console banned from the component of the console that makes it worth the most.
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    thiniking about getting an xbox 360 in a few months. maybe I should get 2; 1 for online play and one for pirated games

    but honestly, the only games I've played online were CoD2 ONCE and Unreal tournament 2004. When I get my xbox, I doubt much will change. I think what I will end up doing is getting a hardware mod that I can remove for online use.

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    My first 360 was Live banned, got me a new one with a Benq drive. All is fine FOR NOW.

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    who cares i just want to play pirated dvds i don't like playing online games.

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    dave got it right

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbucari1 View Post
    ... I think what I will end up doing is getting a hardware mod that I can remove for online use.
    Agreed, This is what I am thinking about doing as soon as i decide to void my warranty, not looking forward to the red ring, but I guess that can be avoided once you crack open the case.


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