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    hi i am willing to give away about 10 fully woriking online cd key and if u want them pm me. i have got about 20 cdkeys for online play from a website. and all of them work i tested them out. but i dont need that mcuh so im giving away half.

    P.S. is anyone here in a clan? i would really like to join one. im in the U.S. im a fairly decent player just dont expect me to camp or snipe. i always rush when my team camp and never use awp

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    okay i still have two left to give away so anyone who wants it better pm me. btw, the member who i send tehm to, do the cd key work?

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    Arg, I found a copy of counterstrike and all that came with my graphic card, but I can't find the cd key to it and the stupid thing won't update. Ug... Looks like I gotta download a copy...


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