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    hello.i'm having a BIG problem with torrentbytes login.
    i have a random generated password,and i don't know it.and when i chose recover password i'm asked about my pincode.and again i don't rememberer,because i forgot to write it down .
    so now the question: is here some admin from torrenbytes who could help me ? i'm really desperate because my account have a big upload,and i don't wanna lose it .
    or could someone give me the email of any admin from torrentbytes,irc channel,etc..
    any help is appreciated

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    We will be changing the system to allow members to change their wmail address even if they no longer have access to the old email account.
    All existing members will have a 4 digit pincode (verification code) auto generated for them, please keep this code safe as without it you wont be able to change your email/password/passkey via your profile (my.php).
    We would reccomend that you copy the details of this message and your pincode and then delete this PM to prevent a hacker gaining access to your individual code.
    Should you enter a wrong pincode 3 times in a row you will be locked out of your account until you can contact an administrator or other staff member.
    Your personal pincode is **** once again please keep this safe and never post it publicly.


    this is what we all get in mass pm there few weeks ago

    support channel ( (6667) /join #torrentbytes-support

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    go to their irc and talk to them

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    thank you guys.
    i appreciate your help

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    lol its
    the old domain p2p-irc is still active , tough its not recommended as its also used to trap botnets
    looking for invite to


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