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Thread: How Can I Change Burn Speeds In Nero

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    all my cds are burning at full speeds(52x) but my cds can burn only at 40x and below! then the cds dont work! how can i change it or what other good software enables me to switch speeds?

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    What??? Your cds are burning at 52x but your cds can only burn 40x and below? No clue what you mean but are you using CD-Rs that support 52x burning speed?

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    Just cancel the wizard and use the manual interfaces and the last GUI will have the speed selection choices.

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    The speed that the CD's can burn does not really matter, I have always bought 16X and never had any problem burning at high speeds.

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    how do you do that and whats a gui(im 12 so im a lil clueless)

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    On the screen where you click on burn, select the speed first and then click burn.

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    anyways, i've seen Nero automatically saying something along the lines of "This disc does not support writing at this speed. Write speed has automatically been reduced".

    The actual wording is nothing like that, but the meaning was the same, it's just been a long time since i saw it.

    Using nero and changing the speed is the easiest thing ever though, when you hit Burn and the options screen pops up its just a drop down menu. If you can't see it you must be using Nero Prototype Alpha Beta Gamma Version 0.0902 from back in 1983, which was notorious for having crappy user settings.

    In both normal Nero and Nero Express, there is a selection for Write Speed, with a drop down menu. Just incase i wasn't clear enough before.


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