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Thread: Can I Make A .bin And .cue Into A .iso?

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    when you change it in winISO the .iso is just a .bin file...i want to change it to that its a solid ISO and if i burn it, i dont need the iso....sorrry if its a little confusing

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    WinIso converts bin files to ISO so ,...... I have no idea what you're talking about.

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    ill try to make it easier...winiso converts the bin to iso but without the cue its like just burning or using a bin without the cue

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    Cue files are only important if you are burning some weird image that need to be burned a special way...

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    well i think i kinda could use that, since my nero wont burn cue and bin..........

    does ne1 have a hash 4 winISO???
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