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Thread: # Thor's Land Request #

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    KaMouLox's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    Mar 2007
    I would love to get an invite to that great tracker. As I'm belgian, I've a lot of stuff to share with other guys who also speak french (french, quebec, belgian, swiss,...). As I did it a lot of times, I would like to giveway all the invites I will get as soon as I will became a Power User.

    Thanks in Advance !


    Je serai un homme comblé si un généreux donateur pourrait me faire confiance en me donnant une invitation pour ce fabuleux tracker. Etant belge, et sachant que l'on peut "uploader" du contenu sans restrictions, j'aurai la possibilité d'ajouter ma contribution pour faire grandir ce tracker prometteur...
    Comme j'en ai edéjà fait quelques-uns, j'aimerais dès que je serai devenu "Power User", partager les invitations que j'aurai reçu avec cette magnifique communauté qu'est FST.

    Merci d'avance !

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    DyNast's Avatar What's My Age Again? BT Rep: +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20
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    Oct 2007
    Good one, KaMouLox
    Can you explain a little bit about this site? it's a French content tracker? (French movies, appz etc...)

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    I would like to give you an invite , but the invite system is not working ...

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    dogie's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24
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    thors invites are disabled i think, if im wrong can someon can tell me how to use them becose i cant figure it out XD

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    KaMouLox's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    Thanks to U. I suppose that Thor's Land staff has closed registration...
    I will try to receive invitation later...


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