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Thread: Happy Hannakuh! 8 Crazy S*T invites Giveaway! Plus a little extra!

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    Sorry, nevermind. I've been warned otherwise. .
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    Ask me about my self-esteem!

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    wow 8 Invites you must have donated a lot lol good luck to everybody i already have a Sct Acc

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    Well this is awesome...

    I'll post my info after I get my seedbox setup. It's pending right now.

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    very generous. I guess there are lots of people screenshooting atm

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    very nice giveaway,but i just dont understand why people offer invites when (like u said) they are disabled atm..offer them when site is open or offer someother invites..

    i dont see any point to say when they open who know when they will open maybe tomorrow,5 day,week?

  6. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #6
    Wow!! Great giveaway!

    I think that I deserve this invite as I try very hard to seed on all trackers that I am part of.
    As you can see from the speedtest, my internet isn't as fast as many others, but I still manage to upload a considerable amount and maintain a very good ratio. This shows how I would have the ability and experience to be able to seed on such a great tracker.
    I have also never traded or cheated with any account I have been on and I definitely do NOT plan to start now!

    I also have heard that they have a fairly good community there for their size, so I would definitely stay active on the forums and contribute to the site anyway that I could.


    Thanks a lot
    Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving!
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    Crosses Fingers

    A short paragraph.....
    oops, didnt see that was to busy drooling.

    Hmm, cant think of anything to say.. maybe i dont deserve it.
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  8. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #8
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    May 2007
    Wow ftn is my dream i wish i could have one,but sad i can fullfil the consideration.But still hoping generous poster to give me one.Thank you.Regards.

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    Figured I would throw my hat into the ring for an invite to the greatness that is ScT.

    Here are my stats/speedtest:

    I hope you consider me.

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    In My Love Story
    can i have invite plz
    i am looking for sct since months
    this is my ratios


    speed test :

    my connection is low now but i will up it in few days
    thts for my personal used only
    i promise u i will seed in this tracker and i dont trade it for ever

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