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Thread: Metal Gear Solid 2 And 3

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    First off is MGS 2 as good as it looks and I have read it to be (for PC) I think that i am gonna buy it just wanted to ask. I read alot about terrible controls, and it being hard to configure them. Is it the kinda game that you really do not wanna play with a mouse and Keyboard. I hate PC controllers. Also do not know if This is old news or not, I assume so since i do not keep on this stuff, but what do you think of MGS 3. The page is in Japenese but the video is mostly english, It kinda looks a little weird, I mean the preview, why is he eatin a fish but I am sure that it will as good as the first (best game). Anyone heard anymore on this game - is gonna be all jungle ( I hope not, I loved the in buildings hiding in trucks type stuff), I think that it is supposed to be vietnam or something, but i am not sure. Anyone know.

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    ya metal gear solid 2 was t on the ps2 but not very good on the pc..yes controls sucked, and mgs 3 is in a jungle to c more go to, looks awsome, u can hang from trees and shoot people dive off water falls!! lokk awsome

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