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Thread: Guide To Using Bittorrent

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    As there were obviously technical problems and my guide was deleted, here it is again:
    • You first have to download a copy of the Bittorrent client, this is the very basic client and doesnt have a lot of added features like the ones you may have heard of, see the next section for these clients. However this is the best client to initially learn with. You can find that from on this sites download page choose the windows installer link. Just forget about the Mandrake and Redhat files. If the server is down you can also get bittorent from HERE. Just select the latest build, it will be an .exe file.

    • For more advanced users you can download the experimental build, it available from HERE and a similar one called SHADOWS client HERE.(This is my personal favourite) <-- These two clients follow a similar pattern to the original client, where as others are completly different.
      There are other clients such as ABC, TorrentStorm, NOVA, BURST, azureus, PTC (The other clients do not follow this tutorial so I would start with the original and use that a few times so you know what your doing, then use these).

    • Now that you have a copy of Bittorent you have to open the program and follow the setup instructions just as you would with any application. Save it to any directory you wish, it doesn&#39;t matter.

    • You do not have to create a shortcut to your desktop for anything, in fact you don&#39;t even have to look at what it has installed if you don&#39;t want to, the program will automatically run when the correct file has been triggered.

    • Now that you have installed the client you must now download the specific torrents for whatever files you want. Unlike kazaa, torrent files are not searchable from within the client, so you have to find them yourself. Sorry i did have a list of sites here, but the BT sites are changing there url&#39;s so much for various reasons, i decided to just put down this site one site instead that keeps a list of up to date sites: is a list of lots of torrent sites, check it out first)

    • Once you find a Bittorrent site, navigate the site to find the specific file you want. Then click on the link. I personally always right click on the link and save the torrent to my hard disc. This means that you do not have to return to the site to find your torrent. If you decided to save it to your hard disc open the torrent file. Now in both cases the Bittorrent client should appear.

    • It will now ask you to choose where you want to save the file to. Using the hierarchical navigation system choose the folder that you want to save the file to and click OK. However, make sure that you have enough free space on your disc to save the file as it creates a dummy file the same size as the file you are about to upload.

    • You will now see the client setup the file to be downloaded, this may take a while depending upon the size of the file you are downloading. It may also slow down your computer for a few seconds. This is supposed to happen so be patient.

    • Congratulations you are now on you way to downloading a file using Bittorrent, you just have to wait until the client tells you that the file is complete. Patience is key. Your download is proportional to your upload on Bittorent, so the faster you upload the faster your downloads will be.

    • This is bold as it is the most important. Remember to keep your Bittorrent window open once your download is complete. This is called seeding and it allows other people to download from you.
    Additional common question

    How to resume downloads: To resume you just click on the original torrent file that you saved to your hard disc, choose the exact same folder that you started saving the file to originally. Once Bittorent begins, instead of creating a new file you will see the client checking the original file. Then it should continue downloading as normal.

    Why are my downloads so slow: As I said earlier the downloads are proportional to your uploads so if you upload less then you will also download less. If you are lucky you may begin downloading the file while there are lots of seeds, and since they have completed 100% of the file they will be uploading to you and not downloading from you and hence your download will be increased.

    Why can I see my downloaded files but they don&#39;t open: This is because Bittorrent downloads in parts. It creates a dummy file and it slowly downloads to this dummy file with various parts. These parts are not downloaded in order, so you may get the last part of the file before the first. So the file will not open until it is said to be 100% complete by the client.

    Can I view files with AVI preview: This is a yes and no question, I just depends upon what part of the file you downloaded first. If you are lucky you may download the first part and hence you will be able to preview avi files with AVI preview.

    What is a Bittorrent tracker: A BitTorrent tracker is the closest thing to a central server in a BitTorrent network. The tracker has two main functions; first, it organizes the downloaders of each file by telling each downloader who else is downloading that file. Second, it displays information about the files it&#39;s tracking by acting as a simple webserver. The original tracker can display each file&#39;s info hash, name, number of complete downloaders, and number of incomplete downloaders. If you want to see this information you can download a program called torrentspy from, all you do is install this program and drag the torrent file into the applet.

    Unable to connect to tracker: This is quite a common problem on Bittorrent, usually if you leave your Bittorrent client open the tracker will eventually connect. This can take minutes or hours, it just depends if the tracker is down or not. If it doesn&#39;t reconnect after 5 hours I would try and find another torrent file from a different source.

    How To Make A Torrent File

    OK, this will pratically explain everything needed to make torrents, edit them and use the new back up feature for a secondary tracker.

    first of all you are going to want to install MakeTorrent V2 RC1. You can get it from HERE.

    PART1 - Making a Torrent

    OK, making the actual torrent. There will be another section after this about backup trackers. So read that before you press the create torrent button.
    • First of all you want to click on the Create Torrent tab. It should look like this:
    • Using the menu at the left navigate to the folder where the file you wish to make a torrent of is stored.
    • In the tracker drop down menu enter the tracker that you wish to use. There are also predefined tracker uls in the drop down menu.
    • See section PART 2 below for adding a back up tracker. For advanced users only.
    • In the file list (The white area below the All, none, inverse buttons) select the files you wish to make a torrent of. Highlighted files are selected files.
    • Tip: If you hold the CTRL button and click on a file name you can select multipal files without selecting them all.
    • Press the create .torrent button and choose where you wish to save the file.
    • after a short wait the file will be created.
    PART 2 - The Backup Tracker

    With advancedments in the bittorrent client, only select clients allow this featyre, it is now possible to add a backup tracker. Some sites do supply this, but if they donít then avoid it completely. If you donít understand what a backup tracker is then you shouldnít be using this function, its for advanced users only. So here&#39;s how to add it.
    • Ok, from the point where I mentioned this in the make torrent section do the following.
    • Check the use backup torrent box then press the Use Backup Tracker(s) button. You should see this:
    • Select whatever backup tracker you wish to use from the drop down menu or enter one manually.
    • Click the add button, it should appear in the white text area.
    • Press ok, and thatís it added as a backup
    PART 3 - Editing Torrents

    Ok, this is just incase the tracker urls change and you have to edit the torrents.
    • First of all click the view/edit torrent tab
    • Press the ... button and select the torrent you wish to edit. You should see this:
    • Edit as necessary, whether it be the tracker address, the backup tracker or whatever
    • Click the save button.
    That should be all you need to know about MakeTorrent.


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    Why would someone delete this to begin with ?
    This is a very vital guide to everyone
    Glad to see it back ,now not so many people wont have to ask dumb questions about bittorrent.

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    Originally posted by nahan@21 July 2003 - 00:28
    Why would someone delete this to begin with ?
    Aww, you&#39;re such a nice guy arent ya Nahan ?

    Anyways, i dont think there was a meaning to delete the pinned topic, or other
    posts for that matter, but sometimes shit happens, right?
    Maybe it was a mistake etc; to error is human...
    Good thing LINDOREZ had a back up.

    Its a damn good post IMO.

    Piece and Love:
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    Yeah sorry I havent been here for a long time time so that is why I had no idea why someone would remove it.
    Ill edit that .
    Thanks Guitar-Slinger

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    Originally posted by nahan@20 July 2003 - 18:28
    Why would someone delete this to begin with ?
    This is a very vital guide to eveyone
    Glad to see it back ,no many people wont have to ask dumb questions about bittorrent.
    Your assumption may be premature. The Board was down last week due to difficulties and went off line for maintenance. It&#39;s possible the guide was not restored correctly.
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    wat about our private tracker post, half of its gone. but i bet the biggest spam post is all there.

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    Haven&#39;t I seen you all in a diff forum?

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    Originally posted by Darkshade@29 July 2003 - 18:27
    Haven&#39;t I seen you all in a diff forum?
    ice ice baby

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    i dont recognice you

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    is it possable to run btorrent on 98 i have been using it for 7 months on xp but i cant get it to work on 98 .
    i have installed btorrent prog when i select a file to download it says
    problem getting response info-ernno 2 no such file or directory
    c:&#092;&#092;windows&#092;&#092;temporary internet
    any ideas??

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