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Thread: Peer Gurdian 1.98b

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    Peer Guardian has just been updated to 1.98b

    One of the new things that it has is connection logging which logs all connections to your computer, this is useful because if you receive a letter ect you can cross reference this with the log so can submit the offending ip to the database, this may not protect in this first instance but allows others to be protected which is far better than nothing.

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    I ain't really intrested in a "newer" version but a "newer" IP list which is the newest Plain text list and how many IPs does it block anyone know?

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    sorry if I may sound stupid but, is there like a how to thing to use peer guardian and update it?

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    if you download the new version is the guarding.p2p file updated as well or do you have to update it yourself
    i would rather get caught than type in hundreds of ip adresses

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    Updating PeerGuardian IP's is easy and takes 20 seconds to do, if you do it manually.

    Just go to the website and select the "Plain Text" option of the list. "Highlight" and copy the list.

    Open the file "Guarding.P2P" in the PeerGuardian folder. Open the file in Notepad. Highlight all existing IP's and delete, now just "Paste" the previously copied listed into the file and save. You now have the latest IP list.

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    cheers mate thats very helpful i never thought of doing it that way

    by the way does everyone know about new kazaalite wich has peer guardian software built in ive just downloaded it but not installed it yet

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    thank you at least I have something to protect me (even though its not full proof)

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    there is a new version at the site now...stg like 1.98.1

    it has a good feature of logging all traffic, so if you do recieve a letter/email from ISP, you can find the IP of the culprit and send it in to the official database (at the link above)

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    i downloaded the new version of PG earlier, was taking 99% cpu all the time and as soon as i started it, it blocked universal studios 3 times in like 30 seconds. but the funny thing is i wasnt sharing/uploading/downloading anything at the time.

    so imo peergaurdian is still a useless program that is just designed to scare ppl that they are getting tracked so they will stop sharing and i think i will just take my chances without it.


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    Hmmm everytime I connect to the net, it says that it has blocked the MPAA 4 times these connects are very quick over 2 different IP&#39;s. This would kinda make sense I only tend to download movies&#33;

    But I again wasnt on Kazaa? I had only just opened my connection. So does it mean I have a spider or something in one of meh files trying to send back info to them?

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