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Thread: Defragmenters

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    I was wondering, I usually defrag my drive with the disk defragmenter that comes with Windows XP. I was skiming a page on and it seems as if there are better defragmenters.

    Can anyone recommend one that is better than the default XP version?

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    Diskeeper is pretty good, although when i uninstalled it on my old 98 system my default defrag was gone so now i just use the default. Also under normal usage a XP or any system using the NTFS file system is not supposed to be a big deal. (not as important as FAT32) Or so I have read.

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    You could stick a screwdriver inside your hard disk, it might do less damage than the Windows Defragmenter... Oh, and I actually HAVE stuck a screwdriver into my hard disk, a nice 20 gig one also... Nothing happened, it runs fine..

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    I don't use the sindows degragger because I think it sux IMO. I use speed Disk and it works fine for me.

    You still have to defrag on NTf5 but not as much as Fat32

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    I use the utilites that come with Norton Systemworks 2003. They work pretty good.

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    Raxco Perfectdisk 6 is amazing

    I have a firewire hard drive and it works great with it to.

    Defragments files in a single pass
    Designed to defragment large and complex environments where other products canīt
    Patented optimization technology
    Requires as little as 5% free space
    Single pass consolidation of free space to slow the rate of re-fragmentation
    Automatic scheduling of defragmentation
    Certified for Windows 2000 and Designed for Windows XP - Optimized

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    2nd that. Raxco PerfectDisk v6 is the best for XP. Without question.

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    VoptXP is my tool of choice. It defrags quickly and securely, and has excellent cleanup and system optimisation tools as well. It can even move your pagefile to the optimum position on your harddrive.

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    Hmm.. what exactly is this optimal position ??
    Do you have benchmarking proof to support that ? Or the need for a third party defragmenter?
    I run a LOT of windows systems all the way from 1.0 up to server 2003 + some alphas and I've never had a system so messed up that I had to resort to third party defragmentation tools.

    I did experiment with some of these products some time ago though and couldn't uninstall and delete them fast enough!


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