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Thread: Just A Little Something Stupid About Corrupted Mp3

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    Well, this big problem with mp3's playing a few second then going crazy lead me to check something out. I found a bad copy of an mp3 Cold-Stupid Girl to be exact, and decided to load this file up in Sound Forge 6 by Sonic Foundry to try and observe what was happening, and strangely enough, the song played up until exactly 10 seconds and then whole waveform shifted to the right channel and was nothing but static on that channel. Just some useless info I thought to share and if maybe someone can give an absolute reason why this happens to MP3's I'd love to hear some theory's

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    sounds like a dummy file intentionally shared by riaa/anti piracy agencies to attempt to deter p2p users enough to buy original material
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    that noise is actualy a subliminal mesage saying DO NOT DOWNLOAD MUSIC BUY MUSIC NOW OR WE WILL TEH HAXOR UR PC AND STOLD UR MEGAHURTZ

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    There no theory about it, it&#39;s plain and simple the Riaa and it&#39;s movie equilivent put out fake files to try and stop us from getting the right file, this is eaisly overcome by using the verefied hashes instead of searching for it.

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    hmmm using the verified hashes, didn&#39;t think about doing that, I will definitely use this method from now rather than searching for it...much thanks....

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