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Thread: Some Good Software Needed

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    Hey there everyone. I was wondering if you guys (and gals) out there can help me out. I really want to get some decent software to install on my computer.

    You can recommend anything that you may think I need. But I'd like if you can also help me out in these areas.

    I already have a word processor (MS Word XP/2002). Is there another you would recommend (like WordPerfect or something)?

    A zip program. Ok, here I'm confused. I don't know whether or not to choose WinZip, WinRaR, WinAce, etc. I've heard WinZip was really good but I think its only for the 8.0 version I have yet to hear anything about version 9. And the others from what I've heard are equally as good.

    Also a decent FTP client. Because the one I had FileZilla really got on my nerves.

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    ZIP - winrar.
    FTP - WSFTP pro
    MK surfer - for pop ups
    adaware - of course
    Kazaa lite -
    DUmeter - displays incoming an outgoing bandwith (great for filesharing)

    OF course the full suit for using "backup files" (nero, cdrwin, Clone CD, Winiso, Blindwrite, Deamon tools)

    Tree size Pro - shows directory size
    The cleaner - trojon remover
    Norton 2003 - anitvirus
    The list continues, depends on what you need to/ want to do.


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