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Thread: Looking for Entourage Season 3 part 2 DVDR

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    well im looking for:
    2007-11-11 Entourage.S03.Part2.D1.PAL.DVDR-EFTERDYNINGAR
    2007-11-10 Entourage.S03.Part2.D2.PAL.DVDR-EFTERDYNINGAR

    if you can check for me at your trackers with alot DVDRs it be great.
    after you tell me where i can find it i try to get user there and download this from my account.

    i already checked @ Swebits, TorrentLeech, FSC, FTN, SCT.
    and find nothing

    sites you can check for me:
    SweDVDR, BitmeTV, TheDVDclub, FlieList and other sites with big DVDR section.

    its very importent for me if you can help me.

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    bmtv have this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by trikster View Post
    bmtv have this:
    damn its the NTSC i need the PAL :\
    tnx for your help

    anybody else with results?


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