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Thread: PS2 USBeXtreme

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    Want to know if USBeXtreme is the best setup for a new PS2 bought. Think this dosen't even need the network adaptor. Says you connect a HD and your ready to go. If any others have this what is iinvilved in setting it up? Want to know if these are compatible with any HD or do some work and some not? If theres a better way to go than this post what you have.

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    Well yeah it works. It's not the best setup. The HDCombo for all the slim ps2's would be the better setup. The HDCombo involves soldering though so not sure if you'd go that route.

    So the people with the Fat PS2's are the ones that are in good shape. They can plug in a real hard drive to their ps2.

    When you (who has a slim ps2) get the USB extreme and plug it in and put a game on the hard drive, you are connecting the hard drive through the USB1.1 slot.

    That means that you will NOT get faster loading times. The ONLY benefit to using USBExterme is that you don't have to use your ps2 laser to load games. They will still run as slowly as ever (maybe even slower load times than a real dvd media game).

    Truthfully, you want to get an older ps2 model that is fat so that you can attach a hard drive internally so transfer speeds are UDMA instead of slow USB 1.1 connections.

    I've been spending the last 2 weeks researching all the PS2 exploits and HD Loader vs. HD Advance vs. USBeXtreme, etc.

    Unluckly, your choices are limited since they got rid of the ability to connect an internal HD to the PS2 once they introduced slimline (due to piracy with the pressed HDLoader discs being sold).

    Soooo. USBeXtreme is good if you don't want to kill your laser (but newer slimlines are supposed to have good lasers by now right?).

    USBeXtreme is bad if you expect a speed increase in loading times, etc.

    Yes, once you buy USBeXtreme it is as easy as the advertise to use. Though it will probably want you to rip the games from your PS2 DVD Drive to your USB Hard Drive which is slooooooooooooow over a 1.1 USB connection.

    What I have::

    PS2 v4 (fat) with a DMS3 modchip latest firmware 2.4 b7

    then when I get back to the states (i'm in korea now) i'm buying
    Network adaptor
    Then stealing a 40 GB 5400 rpm hard drive from my laptop (lower rpm the better since it makes less heat and you don't get better results with faster rpms)
    Installing HD Loader .8c (O and with HDLoader you can patch it to use drives up to 2 TB)
    Installing Winhiip on my Windows computer and using that to transfer ps2 games to my hard drive (temporary put it in a USB 2.0 external case)

    Then plug in my hard drive to ps2, copy the hdloader elf file to my memory card so it will be executed on first boot, then have fun playing games
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