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Thread: Help with subtitles..?

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    tralalala's Avatar The Almighty
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    Is there a simple way to stick subtitles on to a DIVX/XVID movie, without farting around with virtualdubmod and stuff like that? Like, I select the movie file, the subtitle file, and the program will stick the subs on the movie file, and i get a new avi file?


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    you want to know which program


    only SRT
    Not IDX / SUB
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    VLC. PLace the subtitles in the same folder of the movie, and with the same name. The subtitle extension must be srt. You can donwload subtitles in

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    No, you didn't understand me

    I don't want it to be temporary. I want a program that will permanently put the subtitles on the movie, so that it is not 2 separate files (1 SRT and 1 AVI), but rather 1 AVI file that has the subtitles on the movie..... Just so that I can burn the movie to a DVD with the subtitles already on the movie.

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    you'll have to rewrite the video. google for "permanent subtitles" it should give you enough ideas, i'm not aware of any simple solution tho, not that it may not exist.

    if in doubt i would go virtualdub+subtitle plugin way.

    [EDIT] ah you said no virtualdub, nevermind me than
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