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    when burning dvds with nero i drop and drag the audio and video ts files over but when they have been burnt and i try to play them the picture quality is spot but there is no sound....were am i going wrong

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    You're going wrong by trying to encode with Nero. You have to separate the audio and video (AVI = Interleaved audio/video) which are encoded at different bit rates. Audio is usually CBR or constant bitrate and Video is VBR or variable bitrate. Trying to encode them together rarely works.
    TMPGEncoder plus along with virtualdub or visualdub would give you better results but it's still a pain in the ass process.
    Re encoding to windows media 9 and then to mpeg is the easiest and there's no need to separate the audio and video then but the quality may suffer as a result.

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    TMPGEncoder plus this is what i use to encode them anyway. this is getting on my titis


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