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Thread: newsdemon problems

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    Anyone else having problems with newsdemon?

    Sometimes the us-secure server works for me, other times it doesn't.
    Sometimes useast works, other times it doesn't.
    Europe usually gives me "download cap hit" (on an unlimited account ).
    Usually while one us server isn't working I am able to connect with the other.

    But right now I can't connect to either us server, and the europe server is connecting but not actually downloading any articles. It says none of them exist.

    Anyone else having these problems or is it just me?
    It started happening a couple of days ago and I;m using newsleecher.

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    Well from time to time I can't connect neither to us or eu servers. Right now I can connect to all of them. Try change the port numbers, sometimes this helps. If you still can't connect I would suggest try their live support. They responded to my problems pretty fast.

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    Standard Routing Ports for PREMIUM SERVERS:

    port(s): 119, 23, 8000, 1720, and 3128

    The following ports allow you to force packets through specific ports:
    • port(s): 119, 443, 8080
    • port(s): 119, 23, 8000, 1720, and 3128
    • port(s): 443, 563, and 8080
    Make sure with Newsleecher, that when switching to SSL server connection that you have checked the SSL box under "general settings" for that server; likewise, uncheck it for the regular servers. Check the News::Log window/tab to see any errors that Newsleecher is reporting.

    I read that the newsdemon webpage will show what servers your account is able to login to... that said split the # of connections between the servers to see if that might help.

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    It seems like a lot of providers are having issues lately.
    Very queer.


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