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Thread: Any 1 Want My Toe Nail

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    I am, well was suffering from the curse of the Ingrowing toe nail, I had 2 have 1 of my toe nail's removed and well, just a little pice removed from my other foot.. it hurt like hell when the foot doctor , type guy injected the needle in my big toe, but it was quite intresting watching the guy jimmy up my toe nail, very intresting indeed....

    If any 1 wants my Toe Nail, then just ask....... i will send it 2 u

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    Is it big and yellow and can I make a voodoodoll with it?

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    it's more big and green and if u want it 2 make a v oodoodoll then sure ..

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    sorry but that is the sickest thing i ever heard

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    Sell it on EBay.
    One of Elvis's was up for sale at the weekend.
    Dunno what sort of dough you'd get though.

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    I don't want 2 sell it, I will seriously give it away for free 2 any 1 that wants it, i will post it 2 them 2, so if any 1 wants a toe nail just PM me...

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    Pictures, we need pictures of it! :x

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    Shit dude, i don't have a Digital camera.

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    Ah so this is becoming more a "send me a digital camera in return for my toe-nail" affair?

    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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    Ah so this is becoming more a "send me a digital camera in return for my toe-nail" affair?

    No man i just want 2 give my toe nail 2 sum 1, but no 1 wants it...

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