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    On the chorus to the Tupac song- Keep Your Head up, what song is that samplin, it'd be gr8 if some1 could find out

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    ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ was released in 1993 as a track from Tupac's second LP ‘Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z.’ Released to generally good reviews and critical acclaim, ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ is one of my all time favourite Tupac songs. Using a sample of ‘Be Alright’ by R. Troutman, and an interpolation of ‘Ohh Child’ by S. Vincent, I believe 'Keep Ya Head Up' is a near prefect track production wise.

    The original song is found on:

    Artist: Roger Troutman
    Song: Be Alright
    CD: Zapp

    Track Listing:

    1. More Bounce to the Ounce
    2. Freedom Listen Listen
    3. Brand New Player
    4. Funky Bounce
    5. Be Alright
    6. Coming Home

    All Music Guide notes:
    Released in 1980 just as George Clinton's P-funk empire had reached the brink of its existence, Bootsy protégé Roger Troutman proved himself a worthy successor with Zapp's self-titled debut album and its subsequent two follow-ups. In actuality, Zapp originally was a branch of the Parliament/Funkadelic collective, as group leader Roger Troutman was originally signed to Clinton's short-lived CBS subsidiary, Uncle Jam Records. After Troutman completed the album with CBS' money, Clinton's help, and Bootsy's production, Warner Bros. stepped in, offered Roger a considerable sum of money, and slyly bought the album — leaving a distressed Clinton with no Zapp album for his shaky boutique label. Propelled by the dancefloor smash "More Bounce to the Ounce," the album quickly became a considerable hit. It was here that Troutman first defined the vocoder-laden funk aesthetic that would become his trademark for the remainder of his career. In addition to the near ten-minute "More Bounce," the album also featured "Be Alright," another epic jam that slowed down the funk to a smoked-out, almost ballad-like tempo (both songs would later fuel numerous early-'90s West Coast rap hits via sampling). Of the remaining four songs, "Funky Bounce" and "Brand New Player" also stand as perennial standouts, further affirming Troutman's dense funk aesthetic. Later Zapp albums would have their moments, but this debut is absolutely solid from beginning to end, in addition to being the foundation from which Troutman would base all later work, and with "More Bounce to the Ounce" and "Be Alright," it houses two of the best moments in '80s funk. — Jason Birchmeier

    Tchau! and I hope this helps.

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    Thankyou very very very much!

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    No problem, olibomb - I'm always happy to help!



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