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Thread: Happy Harcore : Need Help!

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    Can anyone tell me the tune that mixes in after tokyo ghetto pussy - to another galaxy ???? its the 3rd tune in the mix and it then mixes into eye opener... PLEASE HELP ME.. that tune is AWSOME!!

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    more info please

    Edit- could it be- I kiss your lips

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    nah in the set, it goes:

    tokyo ghetto pussy - i kiss your lips
    tokyo ghetto pussy - to another galaxy
    Brisk and trixxy - eye opener

    i need to find the name of the tune labelled ???????? someones gotta know out there!! its been drivin me wild for ages

    the lyrics in the tune are something like "i can never change another day yeah, if there aint no ravers groove to let me play" then theres an extra vocal saying "happy hardcore were here to set it off" <<tho i think the second quote was added in only in the tokyo ghetto pussy vs happyhardcore mix

    the tune im looking for isnt a tokyo ghetto pussy tune.. all i know is its very VERY catchy, and sounds a bit like the end of the remix of the braveheart theme...

    thats bout as much info as i can give u on it... but I WANT THAT TUNE&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

    PLEASE HELP&#33;&#33; - ill be forever in your debt if you can name it for me


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    i have that chooe on a vibealite 5th bday party tape give me a bit and ill try and find the name for ya B)

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    cheers bud


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