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    howzit going.

    ....bin and iso files?

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    the most is what software it was created with and what software you need to burn it with. Other than that not much really.

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    Originally posted by fusion explorer@21 July 2003 - 13:22
    howzit going.

    ....bin and iso files?
    ISO are lower quality then .bin files.

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    NEMO, are you saying that if for instance i downlaod GTA Vice City as a .bin file, it will be lower quality than an .iso file???
    wow, i never knew this before...
    i feel reeeeeealy stupid now...


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    that is a load of rubish. it has nothing to with quality. you can even convert a .bin into a .iso with WinISO iff u have nothing better to do.

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    it has nothing to do with quality, or has it?
    im thinking it doesnt coz "mpman" has a point.
    so whats the dif?
    sounds like firefox has the answer.
    any more ideas?

    is it easy to make these files?
    what software/program would u need?

    i hav "nero5.5" & "mcafee virus scanner professional v7".
    i wouldnt mind sharing these as bin or iso files (if this is the best way to do it)

    if any1 could point me in the direction which would help me hav a better understanding of these 2 files it would b much appreciated.

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    They are slightly different formats of disk images.
    .iso files are completely self contained, consequently they have all inter-track data built in.
    .bin files need a corresponding .cue file. This means that they can drop information which is not required to build the disk. The consequence of this can be a smaller file, but this is rarely the case.

    You should get cdrwin to create bin & cue files.
    There a number of programs which will create .iso files, I believe the latest version of cdrwin has the option to create .iso files too.
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    They are both different types of compression used to store file before they are uncompressed and put on to a CD.

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    Compression files


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