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Thread: need a certian tracker

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    ok i have recently played naruto rise of ninja for the xbox 360 i was thinkin it wud be rubbish and everything but i really seemed too like it so my freind downloaded and watched the new film and sed it was great so watched that like 10 minutes ago and that was great too now alls i need too do is watch the series which came out before the film so if anyone knows any trackers were they will have naruto seasons let me know if open signup send me the link if not can u please invite me thanks for the help appreciate it

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    u can find it on TL: Naruto 01--220+OVAs+Movies+Shippuuden-TorrentLeech
    Quote Originally Posted by TL
    Date: 11/07/2007
    Size: Aprox 40 GB

    Naruto TV 1--220
    2 OVAs
    2 Movies

    JAP audio with english subs

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    boxtorrents(anime tracker community) has naruto series, its open signup aswell
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    Well i have an account at AsianDVDClub with 6GB buffer and it has:

    Naruto Shippuden Vol.1&2 NTSC Untouched DVD9
    Naruto OVA - The Lost Story
    Naruto the Movie
    Zatoichi OST

    if you want i can give you the account


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