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Thread: Essential To All Users Uploading Large Files

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    TO All users that are uploading large gamefiles and other files that take HOURS to download may i sugest downloading a little item from, Its Called Chainsaw 3.5 this handy little utility wil seperate huge files into smaller sized files easier for downloading. When all of the part have been downloaded you use the bat file that was created when the program was split apart to put it back together. Then just start playing. (note) when you are uploading the files to kazaa lite make sure to inclued all files including the bat file otherwise the files wont work.

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    This is way to unpractical.

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    im with paul.
    1.getting all the required files
    2.forums would get flooded with retards who didnt know what had happened to their file.
    3.your still downloading the same amount of data, and little peices of a large file are useless as seperate entities.

    if you want something huge, and your going to download 200-1500MB of a game or movie, and then just wait.

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    yeah what happens if one or 2 chunks get taken off the net or become very hard to get, then u'd have a situation like emule where loads of people download parts of a file that chances are they will never complete. At least there the impact of this situation is lessened by having all sorts of extras so that parts spread equally well and u can check easily if the file is complete or when the file was last seen complete.

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    it is much easier to download one large file than download a bunch a small files
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    Originally posted by justin_9733@22 July 2003 - 00:36
    it is much easier to download one large file than download a bunch a small files

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    Sound like WinRAR, but not pratical for KaZaa.


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