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Thread: Diablo 2

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    Sory i've been posting so many things about diablo 2. it's probably the best game my comp will play properly. anyways, 4 those of u that have played the game, or just know something interesting about it, put down some tips, cheats, tricks, and stuff like that. i heard u could do this thing in the game, and u will get unlimited amount of any item. how do u do that? any thing else, feel free to write something here.

    btw: my comp can play many other good games, like jk2outcast, max paynes, gta 3 and vice city at very slow speeds, all the sims, and a bunch of other stuff, cs, and others... so it's not all that bad.

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    first of all i think that diablo II is a great game!!
    Go to here...
    u can find there many editors, and a great FAQ...
    but i recemand that u play without it, it's alot more fun that way


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