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Thread: rapidshare premium trade question !

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    i have a "high level" account and am planning to trade it for a rapidshare account .

    usually when trading trackers i just change the email and password , sometimes reset the passkey . then am safe

    any precuations like that when trading a rapidshare ?

    i dont want the original owner of the RS account to retrieve the account after the trade

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    just change the pass and the e-mail

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    i am not sure, but i think the owner can get it back , this is why better trade with someone who has a good reputation,
    good luck.

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    so what kinda RS premium account can i get for F twr or TT ?

    6 months ? 1 year ?

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    are u trading the high level that u got recently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raj3186 View Post
    are u trading the high level that u got recently?
    i didnt get any high level recently . read the post above yours


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