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    so far ive avoided bin n cue files, but now i have potc on svcd, but there r 3 bin n cue files, now, how do i watch them on either wmp or windvd, or do i have 2 put them on2 svcds 2 watch?? cheers

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    You can use ISObuster to extract the playble files. I'm not sure if it works on wmp or winDVD but there is a v. good chance that it does. If not it works on DivX or Real Player.

    For precise instructions go to:

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    Yes WMP9 will play the dat files from an svcd. Or you could just download clonecd and a good key for it and then upgrade to the newest version with the clone drive built in and run them from there.
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    just get VCD gear they extract from it and turn it in to MPEG

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    If you just want to watch them and not burn them, use VideoLan. You can find where to get this in the FAQ.

    Credit for this tip goes to someone else(can't remember who), so thanks someone else

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