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Thread: Best Release of Windows XP

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm in doubt on what release of Windows XP I should install on my computer. What is the best Student, Rentail, Corporate or OEM?

    I don't carry if requires a activation or something like that, what I want is that works perfectly including the updates.


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    well, if you want it to work perfectly then you're out of luck for any os.

    But seeing as you want XP, I'd recommend the XP dark edition v.3. It pretty recent with hotfixes, has a nice vista look, and has tweaked default registry settings.

    ButI'd suggest you make you're own "best" version. Use nlite and a copy of xp corp. integrate updates and change default settings. There are also website where you can downloadsoftware packages top integrate with windows.

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    i've seen the name thrown around in here and never really bothered. this time i looked into it. i honestly don't see why ppl get this dark/black edition. i like the theme, but i read he adds a lot of his own crap as well. it does however look really good. is it's performance the same as regular winxp? is it pure bloatware or can u not install "this guys" addons and what not? i googled the name and have some up with 2 names. one is called win dark the other is called win black. what's the difference?

    my add: sp3 should be released here soon. maybe wait and get a copy of that. all reviews have been positive and a favorable boost in performance.

    Last edited by mr. nails; 11-27-2007 at 12:25 PM. Reason: added both names. is there 2 different versions? black/dark?
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    From what I know dark edition often contains trojans.

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    I can wait for sp3 because I gonna buy a new computer and I need one OS for him but I don't know what I should install, Maybe I gonna install the Student or Rentail, anyone can say what is the difference of this two releases?

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    yeah ive heard good things about sp3, it will run faster aswell like a 10% increase
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    Quote Originally Posted by respect View Post
    Maybe I gonna install the Student or Rentail, anyone can say what is the difference of this two releases?
    There is no functional difference between OEM, Retail and Student.
    In theory (at least as I understand it), the licensing restrictions are what differentiates the three.

    -Retail allows for installation on any PC as long as only one PC is activated at a time.
    This means that as you upgrade the hardware (say from s939 to Intel Core2) the OS can be transferred as well.

    -OEM is tied to the hardware on which it was originally installed by the manufacturer.
    In theory, when your eMachines with XP dies, that copy of XP dies with it.
    In practice I have found this is not true. OEM versions seem to require phone activation more frequently than the other two but I have never been denied a new code.

    -Student is simply a budget priced version of the OS sold through special agreements with schools.
    My version of XP Pro is over 4 years old and was purchased through the U of Iowa for $6.70...brand new and legal.
    It's still in use (on this very PC), has seen multiple hardware configurations and been activated countless times with no problems.
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    I use Linux ubuntu :-) But seriously i have else windows xp prof sp2

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    I like straight up Corp/VLK nLite'd by me.

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    I usually just grab the latest integrated eth0 release of Xp Pro Corp Sp2 off irc
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