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    Am I missing somrthing. I just downloaded Kazaa Gold, but nowhere do I see comprehensive instructions for getting started and using all the equipment available. Everything I've seen seems to assume prior knowledge of the system.
    I qualify as an absolute rookie and I realize that my question probably sounds dumb, but I've looked everywhere (FAQ index etc.) but I don't know what to do next. Can anyone help me?

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    First of all, welcome - You just got screwed

    Kazaa Gold is a well-known* scam where some con-artists take Kazaa Lite, rename it Kazaa Gold and charge for it. When in fact KG is an older version of Kazaa Lite.

    First things first, see if you can still cancel the credit card payment. If you can, do it. Kazaa Lite is free and will be for a while.

    Once you've got that scam behind you, feel free to come back, download the latest version of Kazaa Lite and ask whatever questions you need help with

    Until then, I'd recommend the FAQ available at - The homepage of Kazaa Lite

    *Not well enough, I guess

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    You should also check out the thread below, which you'll find in the guestroom.

    Read this!


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