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    hi does anyone know how to make a program that will just type = and then a number over and over again? like =911,=100 until i stop it?

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    what a random number generator? u can download the source code quite easily off the web.

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    but what do i do with the code? i know absalutely nothing about programming lol

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    oh, r u wanting to learn or u just really want a program that'll spit out random numbers? Theres a random number generator built into excel which u could try. U might have to install the analysis tool pack (theres info in the helpfile). Or i found this program on the web : the program called roller should do the job as long as ur limits are between 1 and any of the numbers stated on the webpage. I haven't tried the program tho!!

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    heh... i play a game and to join someones team you have to type = then the frequency they are on, EG =100, =234. But i want a program that will put = and then =101, =102, =103, =104, up to =9999. I want it to keep doing it until i stop it.

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    it is alot more complicated then it sounds.

    you will probably have to learn sockets and a whole lot more to get that working.
    that might take you a few years.


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