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Thread: Utorrent for MAC

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    Anyone know when/if this is likely to be released?

    One of the only apps I can't get & I'm stuck with Azureus at the moment.....

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    Not gonna happen.
    They were talking about and working on it for a while.
    But they stopped working on the project.
    I think the guy working on it left.
    I also heard he may be working on his own Mac torrent client. But who knows?

    You can try Transmission, it doesn't have as many features as Azureus, but it seems to gain new features very often, and it has some nice things very different than Azureus. It's definitely gonna be the best torrent client for mac in the near future, IMO.

    You can install uTorrent on a Mac if you have an Intel, however, it wasn't very stable, and the user interface looked like crap.

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    You can emulate a Windows session within OSX to run utorrent using Parallels, CrossOver Office 6 or many other emulation tools (CrossOver works well with only a small performance hit). The OSX native code project has been sidelined, with its small system usage though utorrent runs well in an emulation within both Linux & OSX so this is your best bet if you want to run utorrent for now.


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    Cheers - don't like using Parallels as it means I have to go back to Windows, but I guess it's an option.

    Might just may another 1G of Ram & stick with Azureus.......

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    I honestly have been using Bootcamp to dual boot a MacBook Pro with XP Pro. I prefer utorrent and a few other appz that I just can't do without that run on Windows.

    But since you seem to despise Windows, here are a few clients:

    Clearly, feature-wise Azureus is the winner. Bits on Wheels and Transmission are both great alternatives to BitTorrent OSX. If only Bits on Wheels would be updated more often and Transmission become standards-compliant and both of them allow Selective Downloading, they might start taking back some market share. And lets not forget the light weighted tomato. Tomato Torrent could use a few more features and better interface, but it too is a great BitTorrent client.

    Worthy Mentions
    Acquisition is a Mac p2p program like Limewire that accesses popular file-sharing networks like Gnutella to search for files. It also doubles as a BitTorrent client. Although I have never been able to achieve superior download speeds that I do with Transmission or Azureus, it’s iTunes-integration is sweet.

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