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Thread: Getting started...

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    A bit lost...
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    Hi, I am just getting started in all this private tracker stuff, but am finding it a bit difficult to get my first invite. So far I have an account with torrentbytes, and am sitting around in a chatroom waiting for an admin to admit me to AOMkiller (which I'm guessing wouldn't even be all that popular a trade, even if it did work by invites).

    Very few of my real-world friends have a clue what a tracker is, let alone what an invite for one is, and those who do are apparently all in the same sort of position as me.

    I have never really been into downloading massive amounts of stuff, although large files are not an issue, and I do try to seed/upload as much as possible. But lately I have found all the usual sites (piratebay, torrentspy, etc.) to be lacking in good quality content, and full of spam/dodgy files/lack of useful comments...

    So here is my plea for help: what advice can you give me to get my first useful tracker invite (I'm thinking STmusic sounds like a good place to start)? And any spare invites you can give me would be totally appreciated too (I hope that's not breaking the rules, if it is please just let me know amicably and i will remove that last sentence... Incidentally, that's another thing I'm finding quite difficult to adjust to: the fear and trepidation involved in making sure to not break any rules anywhere! There are so many of them, and they seem to differ at least slightly from site to site! Don't get me wrong, I do understand whyy they're there, but I'm just saying it makes it a bit more offputting to initially get involved (which again, might not be such a bad thing in the long run)).

    Anyway, sorry about the longish post, and if you made it to here, thanks for reading, and I look forward to your advice.



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    PM me your mail for some goodies

    Edit: A good way to get started with invites is also to check out some of the giveaways, that way you can ask for what you want/need
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    PM me for some goodies too

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    also PM me
    Quote Originally Posted by Something Else View Post
    Without good, original content, a tracker is nothing but a lonely teenage boy's chatroom.

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    check often the open for signups thread,
    I got iplay and ts tracker that way.
    I have a couple learning site invites for you poontang
    if interested pm your mail


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