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Thread: Astraweb problem or something else?

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    i'm using astraweb as a news server...unlimited plan,8 connection enabled,and newsleecher as newsreader....

    Until last week everything was speed went up to 250-300KB/s or so....

    Since the begining of this week the highest speed I get is 30kb/s?????


    I contacted my ISP they said that everything is normal with network and connection....

    I don't use firewall,as antivirus i'm using AVAST! and I checked avast settings just to be sure.....

    Someone having same problem or is it just me?

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    I got astraweb and NL and both are fine here. My friend is having problems aswell though he is with Virgin.

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    My astrawebs has been out for almost a month now. For some reason they cannot resolve the issue. I am dropping them and looking for another server. Good luck getting it figured out.

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    I use astraweb everyday and it has been up for a many months.


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