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Thread: Completely new to newsgroups

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    I have no idea what to do. I googled for information but came up with sources that were way out of date. I'm trying to use my ISP's server (roadrunner). I set it up with outlook express, and it connected to the server and wants me to subscribe. I have no idea what to do next. Do I subscribe to all of them? Do I need a newsreader? Or is outlook express the newsreader. I'm experienced with torrents, but I have no idea how to use newsgroups. Thanks.

    edit: following the grabit guide. i'm downloading the article list and i'm getting around 200-300 kbps, but my max is 700. i'm guessing this is normal, judging by the recent posts on socal rr. please disregard this topic. thanks.
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    Do not use Outlook Express it cannot handle yenc encoded files yes use a proper newsreader. OE is good for text not for binaries.

    Have a butchers at...

    or just newsreader info then.....

    Good luck

    ps sorry see you want to iggy topic. But you should get full speed from usenet. If you are not then two reasons crud NSP or secondly ISP restricting according to their traffic management. This usually applies to BT also.
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