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    how can u make your download speeds faster on e mule?

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    I would imagine you need to share more perhaps as it works on a point system.
    Keep in mind it is slower but more accurate.
    You could also try using Shareaza which has eMule built in along with G1, G2 and Bittorent as well.

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    thank you

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    Just keep sharing... you have to upload quite a bit before the speeds start to increase. Give it some time, maybe 8 hours or so, then you'll see things pick up.
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    i am sharing like 100 movies and i run it constantly but i go no faster than 10-14.what am i doing wrong?

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    Emule just sucks cutter your not doing anything wrong. The point system doesnt work how you think it does..Its like this...for example say you upload your maximum at all times. Your max upload speed is about 32kb/s and you uplaod about 300kb/s worth of data to someone else over about 3 days. You will only get download credit for that one particular user in the entire network of about like 30 thousand users; so only when you download from that one particular user and him alone will you be paid back for your uploads. and if you have a high speed connection of about 512kb/s dl you should get a decent speed but dont foget his connection needs to have a good upload speed as well. So if he has an adsl connection which may only give a maximum of 32kb/s upload your download from him wouldnt go any higher than 32kb/s. So as you can see emule sucks because what are the chances of you connecting to that same person out of a nework of thousands of other users huh? , and the sucking doesnt end there once you have already downloaded your say 300kb/s worth of data that you uploaded to him your credits for uploading your 300kb/s worth of data will drop back to zero and you will start gettin crappy speed again. IMO emule BLOWS a hole lot because there is no chance in hell that i might mange to connect to that same user out of thousands of users on the the network..and even if I do by some merical once my upload credits I got from uploading to him run out I just end up gettin the same crappy speed that I got before.

    ^Sounds confusing doesnt it? I hope you understand that..

    Or just stop using emule SUCKS!

    Dont belive all the hype!

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    wen u have it minimized to ur tray u can irght click on the icon and set the upload rate to unlimited and once u do that u can do the same for download rate and it shud go up but not alot i think to about 40 kbs or so

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    i think ur slightly missing the point of the credit system. The reason it works better than u think it does is because emule shares files while u r downloading them. So when u get a chunk of the file and someone else downloads it from u, then u get preference for getting more of the file from them and this happens with all the people downloading or uploading this file, also the link to the person u uploaded to is stored (even if u or the other person goes offline) and emule automatically requests any parts of the file u don;t have from them. Since emule can sit in hundreds of queues at once, ur chances of connecting to them again are probably around 1/3.
    However, one point that was being discussed when i was last at the emule board was 'getting into the loop' cos until u get part of the file u just sit there waiting at a disadvantage in queues. Also once u r downloading a file it is probably advantageous to disallow access to ur other files cos then all ur uploads are of the file u r downloading and so u build up credit with people more likely to have parts of the file u want.
    But i'm sure they've come up with solutions to these by now cos i haven't been using emule for ages

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    There are hacked versions of emule floating around such as Tarod(mod). It will act very aggressively and will usually result in being banned from certain servers, but it's fast.

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    eMule doesn't guys must like having to dowload a 750MB+ file only to realize it's not what you wanted at all...eMule is for not's probably one of the slowest clients out there....but on the bright side...the integrity of the files is through the roof.


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