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Thread: Dont Chill!

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    The sports tracker Dont Chill went down some weeks ago, due the hosting company blocked all traffic due DDoS attack.

    Now, we're up again, with an fresh start.

    From the site:

    The tracker was hit hard when it first was hit. As you can see, the most of the things on the tracker is gone. The users, some staff, the forum posts, the torrents and so on. The reason, is because people have forgot about DC. So we decided to have an restart of the tracker. The upgrades are nearly done, just some changes in the foums, the request section and some changes on the new login system, and we're good to go. This launch will be an big-lauch, not like the other one, that didnt go as planned :p. Stay tuned for further information.

    So, please come and atleast check the site out. It has been online for 2 days now, with 80 users already.

    - MrE

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    I signed up.......again. Hope it stays up this time.
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    ok what is thing ddos every now and then some site getting ddosed is it so easy to do. hmmm and i like x sports do u have it

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    good to see you guys back up!
    Ron Paul: Hope for America

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    i know ddos but is it so easy to do

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    the thing was, this happended on another tracker. Then, due the DDoS, the host blocked all traffic, and that affected us. 4 weeks later when we finaly could access DontChill again, everything was gone.

    Well, its good too se that u guys still have faith in us. Good to have you back (although, our best uploader is still gone :-( )


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